Brett Manning's Big Singing Lie #3

Big Lie #3 - It takes years of instruction and practice to develop a respectable vocal range of almost 2 octaves (that covers only 24 notes on a piano keyboard).

Truth - The human voice was designed to cover well over 3 octaves
COMFORTABLY, just by "shifting gears." It can be learned in less than 2 hours--and mastered and improved for the rest of your life.

Brett Manning's Singing SuccessDo you remember the line from the movie about the Watergate scandal of the 70's? It was "follow the money." What it meant was, if you find a white-collar crime, and want to know who's behind it, see where the money flows.

Well, that's in order here. If you have a bunch of students who are paying your school $20,000-$40,000 per year to learn singing, you better convince them that they need you! You may want to tell them that they need you so much that it will be YEARS before they are ready to leave your care.

I have become convinced that most university systems of teaching voice have become just such an arrangement.

Now, if I was watching Brett Manning get satisfied University-trained singers in his studio all the time, (and all they needed was a little "maintenance"). And if they were all showing up saying that they had all the range they wanted, I'd feel totally differently. (Brett does get one every now and then who had an exceptional teacher, using methods other than pure classical, but it's way too rare!)

Let's face it. If you spend $20,000 a year on an education that fully equips you for the life and career you want, you've found a bargain. But that's not what's happening in most cases.

So they come in, tell us their story, and we start to work. As I've said, their stories are mostly tragic. It's some version of "I spent all this money, now I can't get my voice to do what I want."

Then there's normally a further complication: They are usually already teaching their own students--the methods they learned--but they are plagued with their own vocal troubles and a bunch of mixed feelings.

So Brett walks them through his "magic" exercises and bam they pop up past their
break and often add an octave or more to their range in just a couple lessons. If you could be a fly on the wall (like I have), you'd see the same thing happen over and over. It's like a healing service at a tent revival.

MANY of them burst into tears at that first lesson, out of control of their emotions, because they never dreamed they'd do what they've just done.

The next thing that usually happens is a little bit of a panic. They have studied for so many years trying to add ONE or TWO notes to their range. Then it hits that in 1 or 2 lessons they've gone to vocal territory that's completely new for them. That's when it hits them, "I don't know how I got to this beautiful place in my voice?" (the exercises work automatically, so they work even if you don't really know how they worked). Then the panicked thought, "How can I find my way back
here tomorrow?"

Brett then reassures them that the exercises did it and that if they just do them
regularly, they will easily find their way back and BEYOND!

It usually takes less than 2 hours with these exercises to get past your break and
then you've got a lifetime of VERY satisfying performance while you study to
improve and perfect your natural tone.

After they mention the sense of wasted time and money a couple times, Brett
sometimes wryly asks if their university offered a money-back guarantee.

"Follow the money."

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Next time, we'll talk about the #1 mis-understanding about singing: The big lie
about breathing!

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