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Day 1:
 The best vocal warm up exercises to strengthen your vocal cords and loosen the muscles needed to produce a professional sound.

Day 2:  How to avoid the most common singing mistakes that prevent singers from producing a clean and professional vocal tone.

Day 3:  Discover the truth about pitch and tone and the secrets to master relative pitch so you'll never sing out of key again.

Day 4: Master correct breath control and singing posture to sing with oomph and hit power notes with ease.

Day 5: Vital techniques to create a connected voice by blending head and chest voice to enjoy fantastic tone throughout your entire vocal range.


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  90 Days to Become a Better Singer  
  • How to keep your vocal cords healthy and avoid damage 
  • How to determine your singing voice type 
  • The importance of breathing, posture, diction and relaxation 
  • The difference between pitch, key, rhythm, intervals and range 
  • Common vocal problems and their causes 
  • and more! 

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Hi Frank,
Thanks sooo much for the free singing lessons!  The quality of the lessons far exceeded my expectations and the vocal warm ups were especially helpful. Best of all I feel a renewed sense of motivation to pursue my dream of becoming a professional singer and performer.