Singing Audition Songs

Choosing songs to practice singing is different to choosing singing audition songs. When practicing, the idea is to expand your vocal technique and you do this by challenging yourself with songs with broad ranges. Audition songs on the otherhand should highlight your singing strengths and accomplishments and bring out the best in your singing voice.

Choose singing audition songs with variety 

For your singing audition, it's recommend to choose one ballad and one more up-tempo song. Within your choice of songs, you need a variety of stories, acting choices and range. When it comes to ballads, from my experience you either love them or you hate them - there is not much in between. If balads are not your cup of tea, then it'll be tough choosing a ballad to sing. Try to find a ballad you can really relate to, this way the slow tempo sections won't seem quite so long. Choosing the songs for audition could well be the hardest part of your audition. As mentioned, the perfect audition song is one that shows off your talents and it can take some time to find the best match for your abilities. You should always be on the lookout for new songs to add to your singing repertoire.

Best singing audition songs

One of the best singing audition tips is to make sure that your audition songs show off plenty of variety. This will not only be more interesting for the judges to listen to but also help you to convince them of your well-balanced and diverse singing talent. Song number one could be a song that shows off glorious high notes and then for song number two you could try out something with a belt. This will demonstrate your ability to change gears quickly.

If each of your songs has a narrow range, make sure you find a song that allows you to show off some high notes after you sing your belt song. It's really important to demonstrate your full singing range. Mix it up a bit and make sure you add your own character to the songs you sing.

Best singing audition tips

Singing a pop song will probably be required of you, but don't be afraid to also choose an early musical theater song, later songs, pop/rock songs or anything else to accompany it. Don't confine yourself to contemporary songs. Sure pop songs are a great start, but keep looking for songs that are written in or are meant to portray an earlier time period. This will help you stand out in your singing audition.

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Don't forget that from the time you walk through the door everyone will have their eyes on you, even before you sing. You want to demonstrate confident body language and a positive attitude so be sure to wear something that makes you feel like a star. Also it's important to understand that even if your audition goes well, you may not be offered the part straight away. You may be invited back for a second audition so be sure to give each singing audition your very best, and you'll reap the rewards. 

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I hope you found these singing audition tips helpful.

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