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Social Bandmaker was founded to help the struggling music artist achieve success. While major record labels are stumbling about blindly trying to figure out where all the money has gone and fail to properly promote and distribute their artists music, Social Bandmaker aims to provide essential marketing products crucial to ANY music artist's success.

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10 Reasons Why You Don't Want a Record Deal

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What can you expect from Social Bandmaker?

Social Bandmaker comes as a breath of fresh air for independent artists around the world. As the chances of landing a major label deal grow slimmer, artists are searching for the answer to accomplishing their dreams; no matter what some stuffy suit tells you. If you believe in your own music, Social Bandmaker has a plan for you.

Social Bandmaker's newest product "Major Record Label Secrets Unveiled: What Every Artist Should Know" levels the playing field for artists at all stages of their career. By following this step-by-step program, you are no longer limited by luck or external forces outside of your control.

Social Bandmaker Mission:

The independent artist. It is the name given to those musicians and singers who are unlucky enough to have been ignored or marginalized by any major record label, management company, or distributor. You are one of 8 million other bands on MySpace and have a few hundred fans on Facebook, that is, even if you have a Facebook page. There’s no television show playing your music in the background, your best ballad doesn’t reverberate in the theatre after the credits roll in the latest blockbuster movie, your “hit single” doesn’t fill the radio waves and you certainly have no chance of seeing your name on the latest Billboard Top 100. You are the independent artist. AND YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

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Download 10 Reasons Why You Don't Want a Record Deal

The internet is now like a giant Super-WalMart. Your music is sitting on the shelf next to Timbaland, Taylor Swift, U2 and thousands of others. Your product needs to look and sound as good or better to win the sale. This IS still a competitive market. The money is on their side yes, but the strategy is now in your grasp. With the information presented in this product, you CAN compete with major record label artists and you CAN sell more records than they do.

Now is NOT the time to put a press kit together for record label perusal. Now is the time to develop your songs, sound, image, marketing strategy and sell the living hell out of your music products.

You are the independent artist and Social Bandmaker is here to help you.

Social Bandmaker Products:

  • Major Record Label Secrets Unveiled: What Every Artist Should Know
  • Social Fan Connect
  • How's My Band?
  • How's My Song?